Dream wedding was fairytale come true

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WITH Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and a host of princesses among the guests, this was one ceremony that really did live up to the title “fairytale wedding”.

Bride Darrel Passmore had wanted to marry her very own Prince Charming in Disneyland, Florida. But when she realised it was too expensive she decided to bring a bit of the famous magic home to Cardiff.

And bridegroom Paul, a 56-year-old electrician who lives with Darrel in his childhood home in Rumney, Cardiff, was more than happy to oblige.

The couple’s bargain £2,500 dream wedding took place in the palatial surroundings of Cardiff City Hall followed by a reception at Fairwater Leisure Centre.

While some wedding dresses can set budding brides back thousands of pounds, Darrel’s Cinderella ball gown was a steal at £120 from eBay, while Paul’s costume cost £60.

The couple’s 65 guests were all instructed to turn up in fancy dress – and they took the challenge in their stride.

Darrel’s sons Kai, 17, and Shaye, 14, dressed up in Pirates of the Caribbean costume as Captain Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones, while her daughters Shellie, 23, and Jordaina, 18, were Sleeping Beauty and the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.

Meanwhile Paul’s eldest daughter Rebecca, 36, donned a Maid Marian outfit, her sister Janine, 34, went as Cruella de Vil, Charlotte, 20, became Goldilocks and his youngest daughter Frances, 18, dressed as Minnie Mouse.

Also among the distinctive guests was Spiderman, Star Wars bounty hunter Boba Fett and Luigi from the Super Mario computer games.

Darrel, 48, who got engaged on her birthday after moving from Stevenage to live with Paul, said: “We’ve both been married before and done the whole white wedding thing, so this time we thought it should be a bit of fun.

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New Medical Table Reduces Time in Surgery

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In March 2009, I initiated a committee at Nationwide Children’s Hospital that included Ambulatory Services, Marketing, Community Education, the Center for Injury Research and Policy and Engineering. Our initiative is focused on preventing falls from infant car seats and from exam tables. Because of my position, I was aware that accidents had occurred involving an infant in a car seat falling from a high surface, such as a registration desk, or falling out of a car seat because the safety straps were not used. These accidents are infrequent, but very unsettling and they carry a high risk of injury including head trauma and arm and leg fractures. The infant can be a patient or a visitor and these falls can occur in any patient setting.

At first, I could not understand what had changed since I was a mother with young infants in the late 1960s. By listening to the members of the group, which unintentionally included young moms, I realized that the times have changed. Many more mothers work outside the home. As a result, from a very early age, more infants and toddlers are in a car each day. They are in infant car seats, originally intended to provide a safe place while traveling in a car. Properly positioned in the car, infant car seats have saved thousands of lives each year. The newest versions are marketed as hand-held baby carriers and can snap into strollers. Because they are so portable, parents may not think twice about carrying their child into the home in a car seat, then placing him or her on a counter or table while they take their jacket off, start to prepare dinner or answer the phone. In addition, it was also identified that infants/toddlers were at risk of falling from standard exam tables, which typically have no side rails.

Bottom-line, an infant in a car seat placed on a high surface or a young child on an exam table is at risk for an unintentional fall. Our “If it’s high-up, it’s high-risk” project is focused on educating parents and staff about the proper use of infant car seats and about safe practices when infants and young children are in them or are on exam tables. In the third quarter of 2009, we started a trial utilizing interventions involving graphics, scripting and parent and staff education at the Nationwide Children’s East Broad Street Urgent Care. Based on the initial trial, we are now reformatting some of our interventions and will be expanding it to include the Emergency Department, an off-site Primary Care and the Westerville and Dublin Urgent Care locations. Eventually, we want to offer a tool kit of interventions that can be adopted for use in an individual area.


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Original Foot Massager Minitek when it comes to Your Feet Regard

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Foot massage through foot massager might sound redundant, but that is all the particular best not many words you can actually speak for best lifestyle and then better wellness. To expound effectively, let us establish the etymology as well as the indicating of this words integrated. All the foot or perhaps feet are really our best pressure elements to target on when healing certain health conditions and also illnesses, our feet actually have a ton of pushing points actually on them, that when you press out the proper pulse, that is possible that the majority of the actual diseases should be fixed, healed for the time being or the particular pain should subside momentously. It is how critical the feet are and then valuable that it could get any time it approaches to the topic connected with massages. This is greatly known, not just in the particular therapeutic discipline that if you force a precise part of your own feet you should be capable to preserve blood circulation, although not most everyone knows that it can often help keep the needed statistics of every single vital signals of our body, as for example your blood sugar especially for our Diabetics and then Hypertensive Patients. At this point foot massager is in fact way to let loose strain found in the actual nerves of your own foot, to supply luxury on a individual uncomfortable area of all the whole foot or maybe both feet. It is even way to press out on all the points needed on somebody’s foot to cure or even heal unique ailments for instance the ailments talked about above.


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Disney’s Beach Club Villas Top Redweek’s 10 Timeshare Destinations

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Redweek.com released their top user picks for timeshare rental resorts around the world. Timeshares are unique and generally exist in resort towns that already have a high influx of vacationers, but the areas aren’t always warm and tropical. One of the list’s destinations is a major metropolis far from tropical beaches. The top 9 picks appear redundant as most of them are either Marriott or Disney owned and exist in Hawaii or Florida.

The condo style accommodations tend to attract families or groups of friends rather than single travelers. Therefore, many of the top destinations offer a plethora of activities to keep vacationers busy. For example, the top timeshare rental resort is not surprisingly, Disney’s Beach Club Villas in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The resort offers numerous activities for guests to enjoy on the grounds, such as white sand beaches, sport recreations, fine dining, arcades, fishing and various workout facilities.

The next two top timeshare rental properties are in tropical areas. Harborside Resort at Atlantis in Paradise Island, Bahamas and Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club, Napili Villas in Lahaina, Hawaii. “There is a strong following for the timeshare resorts of major hospitality brands,” stated Maurice Aubrey, president of RedWeek.com. “Trusted quality and service rises to the top.

The top 10 timeshares

1. Disney’s Beach Club Villas – Lake Buena Vista, Florida
2. Harborside Resort at Atlantis – Paradise Island, Bahamas
3. Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club – Napili Villas – Lahaina, Hawaii
4. Marriott’s Crystal Shores – Marco Island, Florida
5. Disney’s BoardWalk Villas – Lake Buena Vista, Florida
6. Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club – Lahaina Villas – Lahaina, Hawaii
7. Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club – Lahaina, Hawaii
8. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Jambo House – Lake Buena Vista, Florida
9. Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club – Palm Beach, Aruba
10. The Manhattan Club – New York City, New York


Read more about disney beach club villas on www.disney-hotels.org

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ThermaFrax: The New Face of Skin Rejuvenation

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If the fountain of youth existed, it would be dry by now.

All over the world, countless of people dream of staying young and beautiful. There is an abundant supply of age-defying products and treatments in the market that all aim to fight, or at least delay the signs of aging. These products and treatments are oftentimes expensive, not to mention the possibility that they may not be effective. One of the newest anti-aging treatments, ThermaFrax, is aiming to change that.

ThermaFrax is a surgery-free anti-aging facial treatment which helps the outer layer of the skin to resurface and stimulates collagen development. A smoother, younger looking skin is achieved with little recovery time through the ThermaFrax.

Everyday, old skin cells are removed from the skin’s surface as part of the regular regeneration process. New cells are formed in the dermis, or the middle layer. These are used to replace the old ones that were shed off. An important protein substance in our body, collagen, is decreased while we age. This causes the regenerative process to slow down. An individual’s skin is made strong and elastic by collagen.

The procedure is actually a combination of fraxel lasers and Thermage treatments, which stimulate collagen production.

Known to be an ablative treatment, laser removes older parts of both the dermis and epidermis to increase collagen activity. Fraxel laser treatments target a specific area by dividing a laser beam into a thousand microscopic dots. Selected parts of the skin are heated allowing newer, healthier cells to replace the older ones.

On the other hand, all the layers of the skin – the epidermis, dermis and subscutaneous layers – are tightened in Thermage treatments. No lasers or injections are involved in Thermage skin rejuvenation though as it uses capacitive radio frequency or CRF instead.


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Disney’s Villas at Wilderness Lodge Timeshare Resales & Rentals

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Located on the sandy beaches of Bay Lake, Disney’s Villas at Wilderness Lodge are the perfect getaway for your next vacation in central Florida. In addition to the Disney standard of accommodations and service, guests here enjoy a myriad of other benefits like Extra Magic Hours at select Walt Disney World Theme Parks, service from the famous Disney Cast Members (24 hours a day), and complimentary transportation between the Lodge and the Orlando International Airport as well as to and from all the Disney theme parks and water parks.

As a Disney timeshare owner at the Wilderness Lodge, you can revel in the resort’s artful celebration of America’s natural beauty and the history of its Native American culture. Unique features of the resort include an active geyser fashioned after Yellowstone’s famous Old Faithful, though the most unique and architecturally appealing feature of the resort is arguably its seven-story lobby. When you rent Wilderness Lodge timeshares, expect to be stunned when you first enter the resort. Suspended from the ceiling of the lobby are four teepee-shaped chandeliers made from authentic rawhide and decorated with hand-painted geometric designs – each weighing around 600 pounds. In addition, an 82-foot tall three-sided fireplace stands behind two 55-foot hand-carved totem poles.

Read on to learn more about the unique features and amenities that make Disney’s Villas at Wilderness Lodge an excellent choice for your next getaway.

Unit Amenities:

  • Choose from Studios, One or Two-Bedroom Villas
  • Woods View or Courtyard View
  • Fully-Equipped Kitchens (One and Two-Bedroom Villas)
  • Kitchenettes (Studio Villas)
  • Refrigerator, Microwave, & Coffee Maker
  • Washer/Dryer (One and Two-Bedroom Villas)
  • Satellite TV & DVD Player
  • Whirlpool Tub
  • High-Speed Internet Access (additional fee applies)
  • Safe
  • International Electrical Adaptor


Read more about disney wilderness lodge villas on www.disney-hotels.org

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Eyesight Check Ups Keep Prescription Glasses Working!

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The early warning sign that your eyesight is changing and you may need to upgrade your prescription glassesoccurs when you suddenly find that you have to squint your eyes to focus on individual words whilst reading from your PC screen, newspaper or magazine.

It is fact of life that as we get older our eyes work less effectively. Deteriorating sharpness of vision can quicken progressively and you may need to increase the frquency of your regular eye check ups to update your lens prescription.

For many men and women, the original prescription may not have changed very much since being first made up, perhaps many years earlier. However, it is generally acknowledged that around the age of 40 to 45, a discernable change occurs, whether or not one had an original prescription for the prescription spectaclescurrently being worn.

Consequently, when the first signs occur, it should be taken as an indication of the start of a process of continually declining eyesight, and it should be considered important enough that you see your optician for a regular eye test at least every 12 months or possibly, at 6 monthly intervals.

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