A Guide To Buying Mens Leather Gloves This Winter

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The clocks have gone back, the leaves have all but left the trees and the Siberian swans have migrated south. It can mean only one thing; winter is here. As soon as the chill sets in I make sure my wardrobe is full equipped for the big freeze. Along with the essentials, such as my cashmere jumpers, winter coat and scarves I make sure I have the appropriate hand wear, such as cashmere and leather gloves, because as soon as my fingers and hands get cold, the rest if the body tends to follow.

So for my fellow men who suffer from the same affliction, here is a buying guide for mens leather gloves this winter: Lined Gloves 

Cashmere lined leather gloves are without doubt my most prized glove during the cold months. In terms of warmth and comfort nothing beats a cashmere lining. For the leather I would recommend hairsheep as it is supple and strong and make sure you pick a colour that suits your coat and jacket to avoid clashing.

Rabbit fur is a cheaper alternative to the cashmere lined style; however it tends not to last more than two seasons and will often disintegrate from over use.

Silk lined gloves are perhaps a more stylish glove as the fabric is sleeker than cashmere and rabbit, giving the fingers a more slender appearance. However, silk is not as effective as cashmere at maintaining the warmth in extreme conditions. I would recommend the silk gloves for dress events such as balls and parties as you wont find yourself out in the cold for long.

Driving Gloves

These are ideal for those mornings when the car has a thick sheet of ice on its windows and windscreens. You could argue that the lined leather gloves would be just as suitable in these conditions but once the car is blasting out the heat from the air conditioning, your hands will tend to overheat.

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