Dream wedding was fairytale come true

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WITH Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and a host of princesses among the guests, this was one ceremony that really did live up to the title “fairytale wedding”.

Bride Darrel Passmore had wanted to marry her very own Prince Charming in Disneyland, Florida. But when she realised it was too expensive she decided to bring a bit of the famous magic home to Cardiff.

And bridegroom Paul, a 56-year-old electrician who lives with Darrel in his childhood home in Rumney, Cardiff, was more than happy to oblige.

The couple’s bargain £2,500 dream wedding took place in the palatial surroundings of Cardiff City Hall followed by a reception at Fairwater Leisure Centre.

While some wedding dresses can set budding brides back thousands of pounds, Darrel’s Cinderella ball gown was a steal at £120 from eBay, while Paul’s costume cost £60.

The couple’s 65 guests were all instructed to turn up in fancy dress – and they took the challenge in their stride.

Darrel’s sons Kai, 17, and Shaye, 14, dressed up in Pirates of the Caribbean costume as Captain Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones, while her daughters Shellie, 23, and Jordaina, 18, were Sleeping Beauty and the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.

Meanwhile Paul’s eldest daughter Rebecca, 36, donned a Maid Marian outfit, her sister Janine, 34, went as Cruella de Vil, Charlotte, 20, became Goldilocks and his youngest daughter Frances, 18, dressed as Minnie Mouse.

Also among the distinctive guests was Spiderman, Star Wars bounty hunter Boba Fett and Luigi from the Super Mario computer games.

Darrel, 48, who got engaged on her birthday after moving from Stevenage to live with Paul, said: “We’ve both been married before and done the whole white wedding thing, so this time we thought it should be a bit of fun.


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Brooke Miggs is a housewife, mother of 4 lovely children, passionate about novels, cooking and kids. The thing that her kids love the most is Disney Cartoons. This fact made her family visit all the Disney Resorts and create this website www.disney-hotels.org that offers information and great reviews about the Disney Land Hotels.
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