ThermaFrax: The New Face of Skin Rejuvenation

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If the fountain of youth existed, it would be dry by now.

All over the world, countless of people dream of staying young and beautiful. There is an abundant supply of age-defying products and treatments in the market that all aim to fight, or at least delay the signs of aging. These products and treatments are oftentimes expensive, not to mention the possibility that they may not be effective. One of the newest anti-aging treatments, ThermaFrax, is aiming to change that.

ThermaFrax is a surgery-free anti-aging facial treatment which helps the outer layer of the skin to resurface and stimulates collagen development. A smoother, younger looking skin is achieved with little recovery time through the ThermaFrax.

Everyday, old skin cells are removed from the skin’s surface as part of the regular regeneration process. New cells are formed in the dermis, or the middle layer. These are used to replace the old ones that were shed off. An important protein substance in our body, collagen, is decreased while we age. This causes the regenerative process to slow down. An individual’s skin is made strong and elastic by collagen.

The procedure is actually a combination of fraxel lasers and Thermage treatments, which stimulate collagen production.

Known to be an ablative treatment, laser removes older parts of both the dermis and epidermis to increase collagen activity. Fraxel laser treatments target a specific area by dividing a laser beam into a thousand microscopic dots. Selected parts of the skin are heated allowing newer, healthier cells to replace the older ones.

On the other hand, all the layers of the skin – the epidermis, dermis and subscutaneous layers – are tightened in Thermage treatments. No lasers or injections are involved in Thermage skin rejuvenation though as it uses capacitive radio frequency or CRF instead.


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