Eyesight Check Ups Keep Prescription Glasses Working!

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The early warning sign that your eyesight is changing and you may need to upgrade your prescription glassesoccurs when you suddenly find that you have to squint your eyes to focus on individual words whilst reading from your PC screen, newspaper or magazine.

It is fact of life that as we get older our eyes work less effectively. Deteriorating sharpness of vision can quicken progressively and you may need to increase the frquency of your regular eye check ups to update your lens prescription.

For many men and women, the original prescription may not have changed very much since being first made up, perhaps many years earlier. However, it is generally acknowledged that around the age of 40 to 45, a discernable change occurs, whether or not one had an original prescription for the prescription spectaclescurrently being worn.

Consequently, when the first signs occur, it should be taken as an indication of the start of a process of continually declining eyesight, and it should be considered important enough that you see your optician for a regular eye test at least every 12 months or possibly, at 6 monthly intervals.

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