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Removing a tattoo often costs many hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Because of this wide range in cost for removing a tattoo, it can be fairly confusing trying to estimate how much it will cost to remove your specific tattoo, if you are researching such things before committing to any one tattoo removal method.

In this article we will attempt to get a better hold on what factors relate to the price so you can make a better estimation of the cost of removing your tattoo, specifically.

First of all, what factors effect the price? There are many, and this includes:

1. The tattoo removal method being used.
Obviously, the method of removal is a big factor when it comes to tattoo removal cost. Using something like laser removal treatments, rejuvi, or dermabrasion (three recommended professional methods, although the latter is the least recommended between the three), it often costs about $75-$125 per session or treatment. This means that the more treatments it takes to remove a tattoo, the more it will cost. This relates to our next point.

2. The size of the tattoo.
The bigger the tattoo, the more treatments it will take to get all the tattoo ink out. The mentioned removal methods break a part a tattoo into smaller sized areas, treating each one individually and in succession. This means a huge back piece is going to cost many, many times the amount it would cost to remove a small tattoo on the wrist, which could be removed in just 2 or 3 laser treatments and be done with.


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