Visit Disney All Star Music Resort, Disney World, Orlando, Florida

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Perfect for a Family Vacation

As a Florida resident I was able to stay at one of the value resorts at Disney World for $69 a night. I telephoned the number 407-939-1305 listed in our local paper. This offer is not on right now but the price for anyone during the month of September starts at $82 a night.

Len and I had a choice to go to either the ‘All-Star Music Resort’, or the ‘All-Star Sports Resort’. I love music and dancing so it was a really easy choice for me.

She took my booking over the telephone, gave me a reservation number. Then she gave me the full total including taxes, and asked for a credit card for the deposit of 1 nights accommodation. Also informing me that I could cancel up to 5 days prior to our visit for a full refund.

ust a week later I received a package from Disney. It was my reservation in writing, plus a personalized trip planner. Very professional.

The trip.

We entered the Disney property via Hwy 192, just west of the I 4 in Kissimmee. From here the signposting was really easy to follow.

We were stopped at the gate to the All-Star Resorts and showed the guard our letter and continued to the parking lot. The lobby, gift shop, video arcade, and food court/restaurant are housed in the main building.

It was 2pm and check in was after 4pm. The lobby was quiet so I asked if our room was available. The receptionist was very pleasant and she asked our preferences. We wanted a non-smoking, king-size bed, and on the top floor. I also checked to see if we had a fridge. She said we could rent one for the 2 nights at a cost of $21.40. I told her that I needed it for my husband’s insulin. She said it would be complimentary. We were given a ‘Welcome’ package, and 2 card keys for the room.


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