Disney ‘s All-Stars Resorts are Minor League

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If you’re considering staying on-site at Disney World, choose a moderate. The All-Star resorts are roughly equivalent to any of a myriad of off-site motels at a Disney price.

Large groups of junior high and high school kids tend to stay here making the resort noisy. In our first (and only) stay here there were two incidents involving kids from these groups. In the first, a group of kids riding the bus back to the resort literally were terrorizing the passengers on the bus. When the bus pulled into the stop, they forced open the back doors of the bus and took off before security could arrive. We were not on that bus, but on a bus that had pulled in behind it, and had the opportunity to talk to the people who were coming off of the bus involved. One woman had two kids in tears and she was on the verge of crying herself.

The other incident was also on a bus returning as we were subjected to a group of Pee-Wee football players using very colorful language with no regard to the kids around them. Their chaperones could’ve cared less and were only interested in getting back to the resort so they could “kick back with a few beers and watch Monday Night Football”.

Now, while I don’t think Disney is responsible for the behavior of these groups, they have also done nothing to curtail their behavior. Year after year these groups continue to book rooms with no consequence for previous behavior. We were not the only ones to have these problems. I know of people who Disney moved to Deluxe and Moderate Resorts after enduring sleepless nights on account of noisy, rowdy behavior.

The rooms at the All-Stars are small. Although it states that it can accomodate four adults, I think four adults would find these quarters to be very cramped. The rooms have two double beds, one bathroom, a television armoire and a small table with two chairs. Instead of the bottles of “Mickey” shampoo and “Mickey” soaps in the bathroom, there is a dispenser in the shower.

Disney cannot guarantee connecting (or adjoining) rooms when making a reservation. Therefore, families or groups traveling together who think the solution is to just book two rooms and open up a door between the rooms can’t be guaranteed that will work. The only case Disney will guarantee this is if you are one adult traveling with four kids – the kids would end up in a room by themselves.


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