Disney All Star Movie Resort

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The Disney All Star Movie Resort can be a good choice if you are looking for value and a decent standard of hotel for your next Walt Disney World vacation. But is it the Disney resort for you? This value resort is aimed at families wanting to stay on Disney property whilst keeping to a lower budget. The Movie Resort is the latest of the All Star Resorts (the others are All Star Music and All Star Sports) having first opened in 1998.

Larger than life and a whole lot of fun is the best way to describe Disney All Star Movie Resort. With a 35 foot tall Buzz Lightyear and a 40 foot tall Dalmation, and a 5 times larger than life Herbie the Beetle this hotel is definitely designed to bring a smile to everyone who stays there.

Rooms at Disney’s All Star Movie Resort

Here you will find the smallest rooms in the whole of Walt Disney World. At just 260 square feet they are compact but with rates starting at $82 a night in low season they are excellent value. Expect a good quality motel type room and this is what you will get – but with all the benefits of those extra Disney special touches.

The 1920 rooms are housed within one of 5 differently themed buildings: 101 Dalmations, Fantasia, Toy Story, Herbie:The Love Bug and The Mighty Ducks. Perhaps if they were building the resort now then they would have more modern themes to appeal to the younger members of the family. Toy Story tends to be the most popular amongst the kids of course! The buildings are 2 stories high with both elevators and stairs. There are motel style outdoor corridors for each room.

Each room has 2 double beds or a King size bed. There are many more double rooms than King rooms so if you want a larger bed then make sure you request that at the time of booking as only 74 King rooms are available. Each room sleeps up to 4 guests. It is fine for 2 adults and 2 younger children but my advice is if you have older children or more adults then one room is just not going to be enough. Connecting rooms are available and this may be a much better option.

The decoration in the rooms can best be described as colorful! Once again the emphasis is on fun and you will find brightly colored themed bedspreads and Disney small touches everywhere. If you expect a decent room with a small basic bathroom then you will not be disappointed. Luxury this is not. Value it most certainly is – you get to stay on Disney property for a very reasonable rate.

The views from the rooms are either parking lot, courtyard or pool.


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