Accommodations near Disney World

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Navigate your way via the ‘Room Locator’, which will take you into each of the area’s accommodation types and all their locations via the US192 Mapping system.

Here you’ll be able to quickly find your lodging type, listed on – ‘Room Locator,’ ‘By Type’, ‘By Alphabetical Listing’ and ‘By Area’. Just click on the Map # of the property that interests you and that you would like to view and you’ll be taken right to that spot on the maps…

You will be able to pinpoint any adjacent restaurants and a variety of stores and services in the area of your accommodations.

Use the navigational panel on the left-hand side of this page to get to accommodation type pages for Hotel, Motel, Suite, Resort, Condo. or Homes located in the Walt Disney World area.

These pages take you first into a short description of each accommodation type, and then directly into their websites, which you’ll then be able to ‘cross-reference’ via. the ‘Room Locator’ and the US192 Mapping system – the best of both worlds. 

There are many other features too assessed directly from the US192 Mapping System. Click on any area on the mapping system, that says ‘Click it, to Book it’  or any other ‘highlighted’ link which can take you to a separate mapping system or an area landmark.

You will find a variety of direct links to the ‘Affiliate’ listings, but you will also find a continuity of property descriptions via our hotel partner – ‘’ 

This option gives you two ways to make your reservations from this site, either directly through an ‘Affiliate’ website, or through the ‘secure’ online reservation systems of – it all depends as to how a property has decided to feature with us and whether or not they have chosen to be linked to their own website, or chosen to be featured via. these pages. Some have the option for both methods.


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