Diet A-Z: Atkins Diet – What, Why and Review

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As a new feature to Diets Detox and Weight Loss (get thin or diet trying), we are going to be reviewing or at least looking at most of the major diets around in our Diet A to Z. Drawing from my own experiences and those of my friends and family who have tried these diets i will be giving honest feedback about each, as well as an explanation and a usual days diet plan. For those i cant review as i don’t know anyone who has tried, i will just give an overview until i actually get around to trying them.

OK so thats the plan, and the first diet up is…

The Atkins Diet


In the 1970’s Dr Robert Atkins created a new kind of diet – Dr Atkins Diet Revolution. It was a very low carb diet (as in, almost no carbs). This changes how your body digests food to a form of “Ketosis” – a more able method of burning fat.

Since the 1970’s the diet has been highly popular throughout certain parts of the world (mainly America – where the amount of overweight people looking for a quick painless solution is, or at least was, at its highest). The Atkins diet boomed again in early 2000 when many celebrities turned to it for quick weight loss solutions.

How do you do ‘Atkins’

You more or less cut out carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are sugars and starch that we digest for energy. There are two type, simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates.  Simple carbs are found in fruits and dairy products and are easy to digest, complex carbs are found in wholegrain foods – brown bread, pasta, wheat based cerals. Usually complex carbs are better for us as they keep full for longer, amongst other reasons. Anyway Robert Atkins had something against both types, but in particular simple carbs.


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