Disney Vacation Club Review

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When you hear Disney, chances are Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck come to mind. But, despite the brand’s association with cartoon characters, Disney Vacation Club offers comprehensive vacation packages great for people of all ages. From family cruises to Disney World to isolated island spa resorts, Disney Vacation Club is a service ideal for long term investment. For these reasons and many more, Disney Vacation Club earns a spot in the top three in our vacation club review.

Standout Features

  • Over 500 vacation locations
  • Unique Disney-themed resorts
  • Points can be used for hotels and cruises
  • Timeshare points do not expire

Club Features:

Disney Vacation Club timeshares are bought, sold and redeemed according to a point system. With access to dozens of Disney properties and the RCI travel club network, Disney Vacation Club points can be used at over 500 destinations worldwide. Disney Vacation Club points can also be used for Disney cruises and rooms at select hotels.

On top of access to Disney Land and Disney World, Disney Vacation Club offers guided family tours all over the world.


As you’d expect, Disney Vacation Club offers complete packages at resorts located at their theme parks. For the whole family, these are great options that provide a little something for everyone, whether it be spa-centered relaxation or gallivanting around Disney World with giant plush animals.

Despite what the Disney brand name might imply, Disney Vacation Club offers a large variety of sophisticated, non-cartoon character themed vacation packages. In addition to luxury resorts all over the United States, Disney Vacation Club has properties everywhere from historic Venice to tropical Thailand.

A particularly unique vacation option with Disney Vacation Club is their Animal Kingdom Villa properties. Animal Kingdom Villas are African-inspired luxury properties with exotic animals nearby for safaris.


Read more about disney vacation club on www.disney-hotels.org


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